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You message again, Saturday trivia night? And then, dah dah dah: nothing. Did you get my message? Nothing, nothing. Libra boy drops by with a bottle of crazy expensive wine, then watches the whole season of OITNB with you in one sitting. Somehow you end up offering to pick her up for every date and driving her to school and to the grocery store and throwing her laundry in with yours. On date three, Boo was still talking about going back to school. On date four, you started to get the idea Boo really liked talking. Whether you mind the lack of productivity is another matter.

Libra | Gayday Magazine!

Sure , says Boo, shrugging. She pretends to like your high school friends. She shows up for each rehearsal of your folk-punk band, cheering and clapping when you sing. She always wants to see you. Then, without warning, she stops responding to your messages. No sweat.

The Gay Libra Man

Hey, you doing okay? I just heard.

But somehow you know that shouting and other excesses of unpleasantness are unlikely to go over well. Libra Boy met another bae and kicked your booty to the curb. He will withhold his true self until he knows what kind of man you want. Then he will emphasize those parts of his personality that you will most love. But that may be quite a few dates away.

How to: Win the Heart of a Gay Libra

At first meeting he is checking you out. He wants to know if you are involved and perhaps hiding that he already has a boyfriend. He is subtly throwing out conversational topics that will give him a clue to your feelings about commitment. He is examining your clothing to get a sense of your personal style.

Fail to meet his standards and you will go home alonewithout his number.

Are Libra & Scorpio Compatible? - Zodiac Love Guide

Attracting a Libra Minutes after meeting him you know that he is bringing looks, smarts, and highly developed interpersonal skills to the table. And he knows you know. So his question is: What have you got for me? He is not a gold digger looking for a sugar daddy.

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It is not money he is after. He just needs to be certain that he will not be the only one supplying juice in this relationship. So your artistic sense, your humor, your ambition, you ingenuity, or something has to match and balance what he has to offer.

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Fairness is everything to Libra. Libra almost always puts others first. He needs a man who will put him first. If you want him, let him know that you value him. One last note: Look good. Libra will rule you out on the basis of aesthetics faster than for any other reason.

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  • Breaking up When Libra breaks up with you, it is quick and clean. When you break up with Libra, the process is a convoluted and painfully bloody as beating a baby seal to death with a teaspoon.