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Even though it can be hard, sometimes we need to move on from connections that no longer serve us. Like a helpful and cosmic gardener, Venus in Virgo is a useful and beneficial time to evaluate relationships and determine whether they are still flourishing and worth watering. If you happen to be single right now, keep your eyes peeled for signs of a spark in existing or new relationships.

This transit is curious and anxious to bring together the elements of love and communication. This is a great time to get that energy out in the open and begin addressing it. You might find yourself writing sonnets, poems, prose, or songs. Venus in Virgo is a time for love, communication, creativity, reasoning, logic, and practical application of the magic of the Universe. Breathe in the loving energy of Venus and exhale to find yourself grounded in the earthy energy of Virgo. Rhiannon Gessaman is a nomadic Sagittarius with a passion for writing and trying to help others grow.

Next Article. Did you enjoy this article? Please share it with your friends! Saturn is in the orb of sextilc with Jupiter at birth. This harmonious relationship augurs extremely well for his displajing balanced outlook so far as material progress and spiritual uplift go. His political ideals arc likely to assume concrete shape. Certain it is that he will be President for a second term which will be the most colourful period, spelling prosperity, unprecedented in American history. During the Antardashas of Jupiter and Saturn to the malefic aspects of Uranus, in sesquiquadrate with Jupiter and in quincimx with the Sun, are so coimterbalanced by the benefic aspects of Saturn, Neptune, Mars, Venus, Uranus, Moon, Mercury, Rahu and Pluto that, in number and strength, the latter always exceed the former.

Therefore, Dame Fortune will in all probability take a very bright turn consolidating his position from every angle. These years will prove exceptionally favourable in that he can get sufficient world support in favour of his policies concerning any interna- tional issue of importance. This hidden Spirit has charted a favourable celes- tial course for Saturn, Neptune, Mars, Venus, Uranus, Moon, Mercury, and Pluto to follow in the above period so that Kennedy may attain the zenith of his presidential career as the real harbinger of peace.

While Saturn enables' him to acquire worldly wisdom, Jupiter helps him to satisfy his inner longing for moral and divine truths. As Jupiter is the exponent of that aspect of life which is eternal, its most extraordinary gift to Dr. Prasad is that of enabling him to probe independently into the life hereafter.

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As a result his inclina- tion to theology becomes stronger. The Sun, in rapt harmony with Neptune and Caput, denotes the esoteric gift of understanding preternatural truths. It is by virtue of this uncommon gift that he is able rightly to imbibe occult doctrines and grasp the recondite truths enshrined in the Shastras. That he is drawn by the irresistible fascination of Astrology and the abstruse principles enunciated in it is a Neptunian fact strikingly evident in his birth chart. It is in double square with Mercury and Mars which are in quincunx with Pluto, lord of the twelfth house, Scorpio, of penetration.

Besides endovdng him with strong recuperative powers, it increases the span of his life to a great extent. This Dasha started on November 24, and will continue till August 3, The Mahadasha of Ketu will start from August 4, At birth, Ketu is located in the third house, Pisces, of journey and mental pursuits. It is strengthened by Navamsha in Sagittarius. In the Moon's Antardasha July 7, to February 6, , he is Ukely to expe- rience indifferent health.

These Dashas, together with the progressed planetary aspects operating during the period, present a glorious picture so far as Dr. Despite fluctuations in health, the President will be able to carry out his duties with the same intensity as before. What is more, he will travel widely abroad. It is during this period that his fame, intellectual brilliance and spiritual power wll be at their very, peak. Fama semper vlvat. Local Mean Tune Approximate Lat. Local Mean Time Approxi mate Lat. Sidereal Time Ayanamsha : 22 Degs. Rashi : 'K. Saturn, king of the political world, dominates the fiery, fixed, rising zodiacal constellation, Leo, symbolised by the Lion, in the radical chart of Mr.

Aries (Mar 21- Apr 19)

Local Mean Time approximate on latitude 25N27 and longitude 81 E His resilience, persistence, fortitude, discipline, nobility and worldly wisdom are hidden behind the Saturnian exterior of deep-set eyes, hollow cheeks and chiselled face tending earthward and the thoughtful, stu- dious, sensitive, experienced and grave demeanour dis- tinguishing his magnetic personality.

By virtue of these gifts, he is able to reach heights of eminence in the poli- tical sphere, and it is only because of the keen wit, tact and practical ingenuity of Saturn that diplomacy is his natural forte. Therefore, Saturn, symbol of diplomacy and politics, find Uranus, of democracy, freedom, altruism and unity, in sublime harmony with Venus, mother of love, justice and peace, obviously inspire Nehru to be a vigorous pro- tagonist of democracy and a true harbinger of peace. These golden virtues are ennobled especially by Uranus, for it is the dumb eloquence of this planet that exclusively explains the imlimited urge by which Nehru is animated in his independent, universal, altruistic and democratic pursuits.

Moreover, this Saturnian formation is significant of the causes under- lying Nehru's imprudence which interrupted his serenity especially at the incipient stage while dealing with the liberation of Goa, the future of Andhra and Bombay in the reorganisation of states and the Hungarian issue which, besides shaking his fame, made him a target of attack from various quarters.

Mars and Jupiter are lords of the ninth house which rules religion. These planets are extremely conspicuous in that they mirror his indifference as also his Pyrrhonic beliefs regarding theology. So, whenever Nehru soars into the religious domain, he simply beats his wings in the void; and, not coming to any decision, frustrates and further confounds himself by the sceptical views with which his mind is encompassed. The intensity of the Mars-Jupiterean affliction is con- siderably heightened by Mercury posited in Libra inter- cepted in the third house which, besides being Neech by Navamsha in Pisces, is almost in malefic rapt square with the Moon occupying the twelfth house, Cancer, which signifies, excluding other facuides, penetration and power to grasp esoteric subjects.

Does it necessarily follow, then, that Nehru is an atheist? Therefore, it goes without saying that he conscien- tiously believes in Truth, but not in God as a separate entity. Hence, though popularly an atheist, astrally Nehru is a theist of the Uranian order. Now, with this background, I proceed to delve into his future.

It is in this period that he will be riding on the crest of a Saturnian wave of popularity and fame, unparalleled in the sphere of intematioal politics Having thus crowned his career with splendid achievements, Nehru will lay down the reins of his ofiice in the fulness of unrivalled glory. Saturday, October 11, A,M. Greenwich Mean Time of October 10, 1 Hr. Sidereal Time Ayanamsha: 22 Degs.

Will he ever rise to such eminence? Jayaprakash Narayan, the Bhoodan leader, was bom on Saturday, October 11, at a. Local Mean Time approximate at Sitabdiara in Bihar. In his radical chart, the Moon, lord of the rising sign. Cancer, is in a forming conjunction with Jupiter in the seventh house of Capricorn which rules his socialistic pursuits. His vision is highly developed, and his sense of perception astonishes those who seek his company. He is endowed with a sharp, retentive memory which is seldom used to advantage.

This helps him gamer information and the experience of others. He is modest, self-disciplined, continent and scrupulous. As he believes in the ideals he preaches, people remember him in their hour of need.

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He is so sympathetic and generous that even the role of the helper seems to be a trial to him. He willingly works for a cause that will promote the welfare of people. In his way of life, he may be inclined to be somewhat too exacting. Some of his ideas may be too lofty for actual accomplishment. He should not try to push them through, but rather await natural development. There is enough magnetism in his personality to make him a cherished friend and an ideal companion among those who admire and love him.

He seldom shows personal hatred. Besides, this position of Venus tends to make him a gifted teacher and a dis- criminating artist. Excellent taste makes him quite a connoisseur of books, music and the arts. Under this position of the luminary, personal enlighten- ment is the end towards which he works. His life is constantly shaped by the experiences he goes through.

Use Venus in Virgo to Heal Communications in Romantic Relationships

Research and also the practical application of the arts appeal to him, particularly if such work gives him the opportunity to serve the public. Among those who know him well, he is esteemed highly for his prudence. Because of this, he is entrusted with grave secrets. He is aware that such advantages will naturally flow to him from the ac'ivities in which he engages himself wholeheartedly. This sensible point of view brings contentment and satisfaction.

Obviously, he likes a steady, progressive pace rather than a hectic one.

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The Sun is in double sextile with Mars and Uranus and in trine with Pluto, This powerful aspect signifies the latent power in him. Though he assumes a look of calmness, he verily is a dsmamo of great strength. So potently is he charged with dynamic energy that he can hardly stop when he is summoned to fight for any cause which he thinks will benefit the masses. His honesty of purpose, blunt and fearless expression of opinion and spirit of concord are the most prominent traits in the garland of virtues that distinguishes him as a selfless patriot and a trustworthy leader.

In this respect, Uranus, in favourable aspect with the Sun, Moon, Mars and Pluto, besides furnishing him with the requisite opti- mism in his independent approach to various issues, inspires him to be a staunch votary of freedom and truth. Saturn, situated in the sixth house of Sagittarius which rules his day-to-day activities, is in the most des- tructive as W'cll as instructive aspect with the Sun, which wields a considerable influence over his mental sphere of interest. The square aspect between them no doubt causes innumerable setbacks in the way of progress, but certain it is that it bestows invaluable worldly experience which only a few are fortunate enough to get.

It is for this reason that he deviates from the beaten path of politics of the Congress order. Besides, Saturn renders him pessimistic and subjects him to a plaintive view of life at times. Pluto, in opposition to Uranus, and Mercury, in square with Jupiter and Moon, are in evil formations.

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  4. Mercury and Venus, the respective lord of the third and fourth houses, arc in mutual reception. It is in this favourable Dasha that there will be a strong popular feeling to entrust the reins of government into the hands of Jayaprakash. But, taking the position of the stars as they arc, will he say- yes? That the Sun assumes the role of 'Yama' threatening danger can hardly be overlooked.

    It would be a miracle if he rose superior to it. Greenwich Mean Tune 11 Hrs. Chakravarti Rajagopalachari, former Governor-General of India. His famous C. It was ultimately accepted by these leaders themselves, thus setting the seal of approval to the division of India. If a panoramic view of India's history over the last half a century were taken, one would find that most of the leaders of the time were either willy-nilly pitchforked into eminence or accidentally pushed to the fore.

    Taking into consideration the position,' strength and aspects of these planets, Rajaji is destined to live for some years to come. The Mahadasha of Mercury will end on September 9, But will this pace of progress continue for long? From September 9, he will be ruled by the Mahadasha of Cauda Ketu. The Antardashas of Ketu to fr , Venus to , Sun to These Dashas, together with the progressed planetary aspects operating during the period, will generally be unfavourable in respect of vocation and health particu- larly. The last quarter of his eighty-fourth year will mark the turning point in his political career.

    In these circumstances it is extremely doubtful whether he will be able successfully to challenge the Congress Party in the next general elections. If he survives his eighty-eighth year, then he will be ruled by the Antardasha of Saturn to The last Antardasha of Mercury to in the Mahadasha of Ketu will be extremely crucial. The benign grace and produo tive acumen of Jupiter, harmony, enlightenment and com- petence of Mercury and the industrial and practical instincts of Mars blend with the universal, altruistic, inventive urge of Uranus.

    Thus it is because of these sterling qualities that Mr. Tata excels in his signal acts of benevolence, foresight and fairness of the means em- ployed for such a singular attainment as is evidenced by almost the whole stock of the Tata funds held in trust for charity. Therefore, since munificent benefection is charity's true badge Mr. Tata undoubtedly distinguishes himself every inch as a king among industrialists and an inspiring and shining example to the world, of what every industrialist should truly be.

    Jupiter, posited in the third house of Aries which rules the mind and travel, is in double trine with Mercury and Uranus, in second nonile with Mars, in double sextile with Neptune and Moon and in quintile with Saturn. TATA Mars, lord of the third and tenth houses, is located in the fifth house. This planet is in trine with Cauda, in sextile with Caput, in semi-sextile with Pluto and in second nonile with Jupiter. These aspects at birth have immensely contnbuted to his achievements in the spheres of aviation, commerce and world-wide connections.

    As far as his interests in the various aspects of industrial democracy go, he is no dobut that exceptional type so humbled by Jupiter as to be a broad-minded, simple, magnanimous and kind friend, a quiet benefactor, a will- ing helper and a true lover of the human race. Though not interested in political power as Saturn in opposition to Venus and in quincunx with Mars reveals, Mr.

    Tata stands out today as the only industrialist who has earned the distinction of having harmonised the practical application of industry with the virtues of human love and benignity. Not only this but he has also left no stone unturned to bring about, silently and tmobtrusivelj', an industrial as well as an economic revolution in India thus contributing to the cause of unity, prosperity and peace. It is for these reasons that this prince and captain of industry outshines his contemporaries as a selfless patriot and deserves, in no uncertain, terms, to be esteemed as a trulj' great man of the times.

    The Sun, in the sixth house of Cancer which rules health, is in sesquiquadrate with Cauda and in parting square with Jupiter. Mercury, lord of the eighth house of Virgo which rules death, forms a separating opposition aspect with the Moon, lord of the sixth house, located in the ascendant. While Venus, in Cancer, is in opposition to Saturn, it is in sesquiquadrate with Uranus.

    These malefic foraiations indicate that his heart, stomach and legs are liable to be afflicted in some way or other. His fifty-seventh, fifty- eighth, fifty-ninth, sixtieth, sixty-fourth, sixty-fifth, seventy-first, seventy-seventh, seventy-eighth and eighty- third years denote occasional illness.

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    8. He should be extra- cautious about his health particularly during his fifty- seventh, fifty-eighth and fifty-ninth years. Mercury, lord of the eighth house, Virgo, which signifies the span of life, is in trine with Uranus and Jupiter. The Moon, in the ascendant, is in sextile with Jupiter and Uranus and in trine with Neptune.

      Saturn, lord of the ascendant, is in trine with Pluto and in quintile with Jupiter, These benefic aspects promise a fairly long life — not less than eighty-three eventful years. His sixty-second, sixty-third, sixty-fifth, sixty-sixth, sixty- eighth, sixty-ninth, seventy-second, seventy-third, seventy- fifth, seventy-sixth and seventy-ninth to eighty-second years are mostly favourable.

      The progressed planetary aspects operating during these years reveal that the future of Mr. Tata promises great deeds. It can hardly be denied that amongst the leading politicians of this country, some are known for selfish- ness, some for hypocrisy, some for mulishness, some for power mania, some for lack of the courage of convictions and others for self-deception and conceit dining on vanity, the food of fools, supping on contempt and thriving on snobbery.

      The only one of them, who has so sacrificed himself for Mother India as to have ameliorated in a concrete manner the economic lot of the masses and poured out his fortune for the welfare of humanity, is the modest Mr. Tata, a true patriot of India, Without greed for power, desire for fanfare or weakness for the limelight, this man of destiny has ably trodden in the footsteps of his forefathers as Pope has said: Who builds a church to God, and not to fame. Will never mark the marble with his name. He has maintained the traditions of the House of Tatas, entitled to the highest admiration for its unbounded charities and numerous institutions of selfless service to mankind.

      His only reward, as is self-erident, lies in the pleasure and pride he derives from the success of various humanitarian sen'ices bestowed on his countrymen. Thus Mr. Tata, a worthy successor to an illustrious line, is a living embodiment of nobility and munificence. And his works will enshrine his name for ever. The glory of Tatas is indeed the glory of India. Saturday, February Local Mean Time Approxi mate Bhadeli.

      Bulear Lat. Greenwich Mean Time 23 Hrs. Sidereal Time Ayanamsha : 22 Pegs. In his s olar char t. P futo and Mars rule the Thus the benefic planetary aspects, operating at birth in the radical, lunar and solar charts, are of great significance in that they hold pjiQHUs e. Thanks to. The major sometimes before horoscope aquarius times times horoscope aquarius I go to sleep or around event for over the people himalayan times horoscope aquarius.

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