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This December, a hunger to expand your horizons sets in—yes, even on the couch—so make a soup that takes you places: posole verde with chicken. With roasted hominy and an abundance of peppers, this spicy chicken soup has a personality as bold as your own, the soup for someone who likes to feel adventurous even while wearing bunny slippers. Look at you, getting to bed earlier!

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Make a big batch of this cauliflower soup with hazelnuts and bacon. That healthy-but-also-bacon balance is very much your brand. We appreciate you for it. Wordplay is something you excel at, but this month you might be reevaluating how much you share and with whom. If you need a soup to win over said person, or just give your coworkers something to talk about in the lunchroom other than the holiday party, make this pasta e fagioli with escarole.

Aromatic herbs, beans, veggies and plenty of Parm give this soup flavor for days and worthy of showcasing it on your Instagram story. The signals on this one are strong. Self-care, Cancer, self-care. And soup-care. Life can be busy, and for you, it seems like it keeps getting busier. As you get into the nostalgia of the holiday season, make a pot of homemade cream of mushroom soup , a childhood standby elevated with toasty breadcrumbs for added texture. You are someone who never shies away from a compliment…or the chance to earn some extra credit. Twitchy eyes?

Blown fuses? But soup is here. The act of making soup will bring you back down to earth, and ash reshteh , an Iranian stew with beans, spinach, chickpeas, and lentils, is as comforting as it is warming. Plus that salted yogurt and sizzled mint really take it over the top. Do the cabinets need replacing or the whole dang house? You have so many interests and so little time right now, Libra, that figuring out how you prioritize it all is a tough nut to crack.

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Or something? The perfect duo for someone who knows a good match when they see it. You might not make a peep, but the wheels are churning as you plot your next move and prepare to strike.

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You might be anxious about a certain relationship commitment, personal or professional, and seeking change. While you ponder, go with something you can absolutely trust: French onion soup , topped with a baguette slice and baked with layers of cheese. But especially right now. Business idea? The trouble is that the best ideas arrive right as your head hits the pillow. With this sweet planetary pattern, you ought to be more prepared than ever to fall deeply in love.

Taurus: Cauliflower Soup

Don't say you weren't warned! A dazzling occasion mid-month will sweep you right off your feet.

Your Horoscope Meets Your Bagel

A romantic getaway or engagement may be in the offing. April 6 through 19 are stellar days for love and beauty. For glowing skin and hair, incorporate more tomatoes into your diet as the lycopene works to clear your complexion and protect your scalp. October 23—November 21 After undergoing such profound transformations in the past year, look to April as the ideal time to revitalize your health.

Stick to cleansing foods like watercress, apples, and lemons, all of which work to reduce cell damage and help the body flush out toxins. For promising results, time your new routine to begin with the new moon on April For you, "good health" will encompass your home and work environments, daily routines, diet and exercise, and everything in between.

This is the month to focus on what truly nurtures you.

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  6. Even though making changes may be uncomfortable at first, you will be thankful later. November 22—December 21 You may attract sudden, unexpected attention from a recent creative project as planets congregate in the artistic portion of your chart and generate a buzz around you. While in the limelight, you'll need to sustain your energy levels. A combination of natural fats and grains is an ideal complement; couscous and pine nuts are a prime example.

    The pine nuts are also rich in manganese, an antioxidant. With lucky Jupiter so well positioned in your partnership sector, a working collaboration will open up new doors in your future. Thanks to your creativity and collaborative spirit, the new project will flourish this spring. December 22—January 19 Most of the solar system will be situated in the base of your chart, urging you to focus on the foundations of your life, like your family and your home. Now is an ideal time to look for a new place if you happen to be in the market, as Mars will quicken the process and Venus will ensure that your new abode is filled with charm.

    These active planets also bode well for home-improvement projects. First, though, you need to reel in your workaholic tendencies so you can give your personal life the attention it needs and rightly deserves.

    The Gastronomic Horoscope - Pitti Immagine

    Try centering and calming foods like asparagus, a natural de-stressor that's also packed with vitamin B. January 20—February 18 Being naturally inquisitive, you may enjoy this period when a fiery group of planets travels through your education sector. Feeling inspired? Consider teaching a skill that you have been honing for a while or perhaps enroll in a class that's of great interest to you. The April 25 lunar eclipse will not only help to block out anything in the way of your path, but it will also shine a bright light ahead onto a new more luminous path.

    Originality is your signature as an Aquarian, so be fearless and forge new terrain. A winning combination for sustained energy is peanuts paired with snow peas; together, they're brimming with vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. Recipe to try: Asian Slaw with Peanuts. February 19—March 20 This month is about honoring yourself and valuing your talents as a golden star cluster sheds light on your income sector.

    You may realize that your current expertise has exceeded what you are currently earning, and this will call for a need to raise your stakes. As one of the least materially focused signs, acknowledging your worth may be a challenge but know that it will enable you to have more freedom in the long run. Pisces can always benefit from the strengthening minerals found in the onion family.

    Leo Weekly Astrology Horoscope 23rd September 2019

    Though spring onions have a relatively delicate flavor, they will still give you the nutrients you'll need to power up. Recipe to try: Mustard and Spring Onion Mash. March 21—April 19 You are a naturally hot-blooded fire sign and with five planets present in Aries, sign of the fire starter, the heat is on this month. Keep it going in healthy ways by using cayenne, cumin, and potatoes, all of which are good for your heart and digestive tract. There is no better time than the present, namely the week starting April 10, to reimagine your life.

    This time, though, your wingspan is greater than ever. Follow your instinct and lucky Jupiter will help you meet the right people and be in the right places.