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Do not be judgmental of coworkers and think they are slackers. They do not have your motivation. You will take pride in your work; and you will want credit for what you do. You are preparing for your debut; and so you will do everything you can in order to get ready. At times, you might feel overwhelmed. Fear not. You are up to this challenge! Nevertheless, treat your body like a tool that has to be well cared for. Singles might meet someone through work or through a family member because your relationships get a wonderful, positive boost.

From May to November, it will be a testing time because Mars is opposite your sign, making you annoyed with others. Remind yourself what you would lose if that person were gone? Too often we focus on the faults of others and forget the wonderful things that attracted us to them in the first place. Everything about home and family will improve this year. Family members will be generous to each other. Buy and sell, or buy for the first time because whatever you buy will be a financial benefit.

This is a great year to improve your home through renovations. You can rent something bigger and better. Your family might expand through marriage or birth. You might improve your home by buying beautiful things that make you feel richer. This is a great year for home, family and real estate — the best in over a decade! This year your optimism will increase and you will be more hopeful about achieving what is important to you. You will be less inclined to sell yourself short.

Your confidence, optimism, increased knowledge, and willingness to speak up will bring you success this year. Your plans for the future will be more ambitious. This means you are the reason for your success this year. You are the magic! Your relationships will improve this year because you will be more positive, upbeat, optimistic, generous plus more intelligent and aware. All these qualities will be more enhanced than they have in over a decade. Singles will attract people to them because optimistic confidence is sexy. Existing relationships will be deeper and enriched because you will have the courage to be more honest and the wisdom to know where to draw the line.

Because your communication skills are so great this year, you will deal more skilfully with family members. However, Mars makes you playful! If you are a parent, you will have more fun with your kids. However, Mars is also aggressive and daring, which means you might have conflicts with your kids. Be patient. Patience is the antidote to anger. So this will be your challenge this year. You can also teach siblings, relatives and kids because no one is a better teacher than an enthusiastic student. This year you can make more money.

You might get a raise or make money on the side or get a better paying job. Areas that get a boost are the entertainment world, the hospitality industry, professional sports or working with children. You can also improve your earnings through work-related travel or dealing with foreign countries. Focus also on publishing, the media, higher education or anything to do with the law and medicine. In , Mars will activate your House of Romance and Love.

Expect to encounter new love in a breathless, unexpected, sudden way. Someone will just blow into your life! You might meet this person on a vacation, or through the entertainment world, the hospitality industry, or through children, or through your own creative expression in the arts.

Whether you are active in sports or a spectator — you might meet this person in your sweats Hmmm. In the next two years, you will secure your home to create a safe refuge in the world. You might move; or do something basic like repair the roof or renovate. Now is the time to solidify your home and family relationships because you need to lay your foundation for the next 30 years. For some, this means increased responsibilities with a parent.


This is a time of beginnings, and the first thing you are doing is laying a solid foundation for the next few decades. This is a marvellous year for Scorpio!

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Lucky Jupiter is now in your sign to stay until November This is a huge blessing that comes only once every 12 years. This means you will attract opportunities in work-related travel and dealing with foreign countries. You will also attract new chances to explore and expand avenues in medicine, the law, higher education, publishing and the media. You will definitely increase your sphere of influence. All your relationships will improve this year because you are happier.

Because lucky Jupiter is in your sign for the first time in 12 years. It makes you happier, more content, more relaxed and yet, at the same time, more confident and eager to expand your horizons.

All of these qualities make you more attractive in the eyes of others and definitely more approachable. Furthermore, with Jupiter in your sign, you will attract people to you. Everyone wants to see your face. Just as your relationships will improve this year, your relations with family members will also improve because you are more patient, more enthusiastic about life, and more accepting and tolerant of whatever goes on around you.

You are also more content and happier. These qualities promote a more harmonious relationship with family members. You are now entering a two to three-year window with a strong chance for a residential move in the next two to three years. Extreme good fortune! This will not occur again until Meanwhile, it is wise to organize your finances as well as you can. You will also be intellectually and verbally aggressive about going after what you want because fiery Mars will stimulate your speech.

Go slowly. Who is best for you? Where should you put your efforts? What kind of job you should have? Like a karmic conspiracy, two planets force these questions. Saturn wants you to define your values; while Jupiter hones your spirituality. These two different planets travelling through two different parts of your chart are working for the same goal. Some relationships will show you what you do want to be. Many issues regarding home and family have been confusing since Neptune entered your Fourth House in This influence makes you think a lot about what your perfect home life would be.

What would be your ideal home? What country would it be in?

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Would it be urban or rural? Are you alone in this house or with a partner? When Jupiter enters your sign in November, your confidence will get a huge boost. And suddenly, many of these wishy-washy issues will become crystal-clear. This is an important year because your ruler Saturn is now in your sign for the first time in 30 years.

The last time was from ; and before that These dates mark when you left a lot behind and moved forward to something new. This is what is happening again this year. You are on a new path to reinvent yourself in the next seven years. Your responsibilities will continue to be considerable and your accomplishments will be great.

With surprisingly little effort, your life will flow more easily this year. You will meet new friends. You will also join new clubs and organizations.

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You thrive well in clubs because you like to combine your desire to socialize with being civic-minded in a helpful, supportive way. Seek out like-minded people to perhaps work for broad social reform. This year whatever you put out will come back to you multiplied. Remember this.


Stock the fridge because you will entertain more at home. Clubs and organizations will gather there because you are so popular. You will be strong in your role in the family — stronger than usual, and probably bossy. You will direct the efforts of others and perhaps renovations; and you will entertain more.

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  8. You will also spend money more freely by buying special things for your home, especially items related to technology and modernizing your home. This is one of the few years in your adult life when lucky Jupiter is at the top of your chart. The last time this happened was in ; and the next time it will happen will be in This will give you opportunities to move ahead in your profession. People will admire you!

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